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MARCH 18th at 7:00

The 3rd annual Key West Music Awards will be held March 18th 2024 at 7:00 at The Key West Theater. This formal event will be open to the public, tickets are available at the Key West Theater Box office as well as their website For special packages and seating please see our donation page.

2021 Event Video

2023 Event Video


The Key West Music Awards is a non profit organization founded in 2021 with three distinct purposes.

The Music for Children Awards Program” To aid children and their educators in their efforts to fuel the creation of music, and further the musical education of the students of Key West.

Musicians Emergency Relief Program’ To aid musicians in times of emergency both personal and otherwise, using the resources at our disposal.

The Music of Key West Program’ To further the development of the Key West Music Industry through an awards ceremony, funding of projects, and in combination with local venues to sponsor events incorporating local musicians.

We are based in key West and our articles of incorporation, non profit status, and board of directors are available upon request.

The Key West Music Awards is a registered 501 3(c).  Information of the specific programs we endorse is available on the About Us page. If you would like to attend the event. or just donate in an effort to help us keep the connection between children and music in our community, here are some possibilities.

Diamond Sponsors:

Sponsors that donate $700 or more will get 1 table at the show (4 seats), logo recognition in the program + in all marketing materials as well as special mention at the event an a half page ad in one edition of Key West Music Magazine

Platinum Sponsors:

Sponsors that donate $500 will get logo recognition in all marketing as well as the in the program., and a table for four at the awards show.

Gold Sponsors:

Sponsors that give between $101 – 499$ will get logo/name recognition in all marketing as well as the program.

Keywest Music Awards

Keywest Music Awards