General criteria for consideration in the
Key West Music Awards

Participants must reside /have residence in Monroe County between Key West and Marathon.

Participants must have material, i.e. video/ audio for submission upon request. Except for designated, categories  nominees must own the rights to their submissions.

All decisions are voted on by a 7 member panel upon consideration by the nominating committee.

Nominations will be accepted via general public participation, as well as  solicitation of a select group of industry professionals, however neither will be considered more valid then the other.

Lifetime achievement/appreciation award  will be selected and voted on by the nominating committee.

Song of the year and Album of the year submissions will be accepted and voted on by the committee and final decision made by a qualified selected judging panel.

Artist are encouraged to submit their singles (original music only will be considered),and albums (consisting of at least seven original songs ) to the nominating committee.

For this first year only, songs and albums shown to have been released within the last three years ( proof will be required) will be accepted.

Entertainer of the Year…  Shall be determined by the quantity and quality of live performances, stage presence, and crowd well as vocal/instrumental performance.

Social media, radio and television presence, fan engagement,  leadership and overall impact to the Key West music industry will also be considered.

Cover/tribute act  Nominees will consist of solo, duo, or group acts that regularly play a majority of other artist  material.  Nominations should be based on overall musicality, vocal and instrumental performance,  including but not limited to live and prerecorded material. Variety (unless a tribute act).crowd interaction, quantity of work, overall performance, longevity social media presence and promotion (representation) of the the Key West music industry will also be considered.

Duo of the Year, Nominees should work regularly together (as apposed to a collaboration) and show outstanding musicality. vocal/instrumental performance, crowd appreciation/participation, show a strong sense of cohesion,  quantity of work, .variety of material, and perform a proportion of original material.

Vocalist of the year ,Nominees should show outstanding vocal skills, depth, and musicality.  Quantity of work, venues/events played,  including but not limited to success of prerecorded music . ticket sales , radio/television success,  and contributions to the key west music industry will be considered.

Songwriter of the year, Nominees should show a strong body of work, write and or perform a large percentage of original music  showing musicality. Originality. creativity and strong lyrical content.  Including but not limited to radio social media television, promoting original music participating/organizing in original music events…promotion contributions to the key west music industry.

Rising star, Nominee for the first time in their career demonstrate an impact commercially artistically and professionally on the Key West music industry this award includes solo duo and groups.. This should include but not be limited to radio, social media, television success. as well as  quality and quantity of live performance and prerecorded material.  This nominee can only receive this award one time and will not be eligible for any other awards except Song or Album of the year.

Solo artist of the year, Nominee should perform predominately as solo artist exhibiting outstanding vocal/instrumental performance original compositions creativity originality stage presence, audience participation, quantity of work show success including social media television and radio, live performances and representation of the Key West music industry.

Fan of the year, This award shows recognition of an individuals love of the Key West music industry through but not limited to social media radio television. Someone recognized by musicians and fans alike as a supporter of local music with no professional affiliation with any media outlet of the Key west Music industry as a whole and without financial or political gain.

Musical facilitator of the year this nominee is recognized as an event organizer. Photographer, media personality, non profit organization, business, event organizer, or school through who’s efforts the key West music industry has benefited as a whole through but not limited  to radio social media television events and fundraisers, bringing outside attention to performers and events and acting as a liaison between the local residence and the tourist industry.

Musical mentor of the year an individual who independently or through an organization  has over a period of time worked selflessly through but not limited to radio, television, social media, events, benefits or any other means  to bring the young people of our community the help guidance  and support they need to become the performers of tomorrow.

  • Blues
  • Country
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Rnb/Hip Hop/Rap

Awards will go to outstanding solo duo or groups in each of these genres.. nominees should show outstanding musicality, instrumental/vocal performance, creativity, originality, in either live or prerecorded material containing at least 50{2d23b21b080fe48e6f9e319e1c6a7e601c23e7587dbf0aab1651880525f2e2b3}  original compositions in their respective genres. Including but not limited to radio, social media ,or television success..

Instrumentalist of the year, Nominees should  show outstanding musicality, creativity, and quantity of work. Whether solo, or as a participant in other creative projects, nominees should be recognized as a valuable asset to the key West music industry through their work on their particular instrument/instruments,

Keywest Music Awards

Keywest Music Awards